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Chris Green
Chris Green

Chris' work is planting faith communities in the villages of North Holland that are without an evangelical witness. The vision is to see a renewal movement take place that will turn what others have called the “barren north” and turn in into an oasis of renewal.

Chris and his wife, Rebecca, have 3 boys and have lived in The Netherlands since 2012.

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Oasis Makers part 2: Dirty hands

So now imagine that you are on your way to this new oasis but you had to pass through the desert place to get there. If you can imagine this, you are able to understand better your life on this earth in the time of mercy.

Last week we took a look at what it means to live in this time between Jesus’ ascension and his return, a time that we are calling, “the time of mercy.” We noticed together that the scriptures never once tell us that our job is to build the Lord’s kingdom, but rather, to drink and […]

By Chris Green Posted in renewal on 2019-09-09 0 Comments 10 min read Continue reading
Oasis Makers part 1: Renewal

Oh, we have misunderstood so much about what it means to live in this time of mercy. We have misunderstood so much about why Jesus came, what he did on the earth, what he called us to do and who his Spirit is.

If you will recall the picture that we drew concerning the Kingdom of God, this present age and the age to come, you’ll remember that we live in what we’re calling “the Time of Mercy”. This period of history started with Jesus. Remember in Luke 4 that Jesus announced by quoting Isaiah 61: 18 “The […]

By Chris Green Posted in renewal on 2019-09-02 0 Comments 11 min read Continue reading

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